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For Real

things that overwhelmingly are

1/21/07 03:04 pm - jewlesgules

saying goodbye to someone while they're still holding you

legs shaking from hours of dancing

the grocery store at 2 am

meeting eyes with a friend in the mirror

10/10/06 11:53 pm - backspaced_boy

watching a dog run in his sleep. his head on your lap as he is "running"

pillow fights

hot shower - at last - after walking in the rain (cold, tired, kinda blank)

someone hugs you impulsively and you've been sore but thought it doesn't show

the way your legs buzz when you sit on the floor by the tatami in a tiny japanese restaurant

waking up to find someone's arms around you although the someone's fast asleep

freshly pressed orange juice

walking around the downtown in some old european city - no traffic, no people, random camera clicks - then, all of a sudden, a blissful cloud of coffee and pastry in the air

waking up inside a fisherman's boat

looking at someone drawing

chatting on a roof (works best in large cities)

strangers smiling at you in the street (and you know it's NOT that you look funny)

tapping a rhythm in a large group of people (yes, i did a course in ethnic drums)

wooden toys. wooden bowls too.

walking barefoot on comfortably hot surfaces. taking your clothes off and exposing the whole body to the sunshine - the first "push" of warmth

2/12/06 07:25 pm - jewlesgules

friends on the bench seat of the big old truck
boats in the back
classic rock on the radio
windows down
driving home into a blazing sunset

8/12/05 04:24 pm - papercrane


passion flowers

thank you google image search.

8/2/05 09:30 pm - lenin_grad

What a lovely idea; this community should be more active :)

Watching a bug slowly make its way across your hand: it has its own life, purpose, destination.
Is there anything more real than a life that doesnt rely on/has nothing to do with anything unnatural?

3/24/05 10:53 am - papercrane

3/23/05 10:40 pm - jewlesgules

poetry spoken breathlessly
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